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Visual Explanation of Python Panda Library

From basics but covers a lot about Panda's APIs. Use it as a quick reference or detail explanation.

Java concepts - all in one chart

Find all basic concepts of Java language upto Java 17 in single chart

AWS Database - Quick Reference Mindmap

A Quick reference visual guide to take decision for a AWS database

Visual Explanation of Python NumPy Library

NumPy is one of the popular Python libraries. In this article, we’ll understand its usage with graphics and more practical approach.

Python Method - Quick Reference

(You are=not *alone **with=us)

Python List - Quick Reference

Just remember `list[start:end:-steps]`. That's all!

Amir Wishu Sehgal cafe: The story of opportunities

The story of opportunities. You'll learn some technical concepts without any discussion about them.

Chapter 2: The Preparation of Battle

The Java valley is always under the threat. So all the masters must be prepared all the time.

Story of Kungfu Java Valley - Explanation

Technical explaination of original Story of Kungfu Java Valley with more uncovered concepts

Story of Kungfu Java Valley

The story of the great masters of Java Valley who followed all the principle of OOPs and protected the Jade temple.

Fast XML Parser v4.2 Features

Fast XML Parser was initially developed to support npm package Stubmatic which is used for the rapid development of mock web services. Now Fast XML Parser has more than 9...

Setup Jekyll Vscode Dev Container

This is a quick guide to setup Jekyll environment for jekyll theme development or to write blog posts locally. You can download ready-to-use source-code from Github.

Make a Better SEO URL

URLs are an important factor in SEO, but many websites fall short when it comes to optimizing them for search engines.

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Fast XML Parser v5 - Pre release

You decide what to change next

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System Design to secure OTP from Eavesdropping Apps

Every app is reading your SMS then how to be safe

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बारिश का रंग

Yesterday, inspired by a friend's request and the melancholic weather, I attempted to capture the emotions of a ...

The Power Glasses

The world is full of your imagination

कभी कभी समंदर को भी सोना चाहिए

I attended a session few days ago where some people were sharing their problems with a psychologist ...