This application is designed for wider screens


About Game

  • This game can be played in multiple ways among two to multiple players depending on the deck size. Players have to find matching images in 2 cards.
  • In the easy version, two identical images have to be matched. In the difficult version, two images, which belong to the same group, have to be matched. For example, suppose there are 5 groups of animals: dogs, cats, lizards, insects, and birds. Two cards may match the same image, or different images may belong to the same group.
  • Upload all images in a single group for the simple version. Upload multiple images in each group for the difficult version.

About Design

  • Kids like colors so, avoid black & white text or images.
  • Avoid gradient or shaded colors.
  • You can increase complexity with color, and similar looking images.
  • Avoid rectangle images or images with a border.
  • Images with a transparent background are good.
To use this application
  • First, design the size of the card and select the number of images.
  • You can also select if the images on each card should be randomly resized and rotated. (It is best to check them all)
  • Upload images.
  • Once all the cards are generated, position the images in the way you want.